The Claremont Canyon Conservancy is a catalyst for the long-term protection and restoration of the canyon's natural environment and an advocate for comprehensive fire safety along its wildland/urban interface.

President's Message: Update on FEMA Grants

by L. Tim Wallace


Marilyn Goldhaber with Ellie


On December 1, FEMA released the Final Environmental Impact Statement that sets conditions that must be followed by the University of California and the City of Oakland and the East Bay Regional Park District as they move forward with eucalyptus removal. The Conservancy has not yet examined the document in detail but here's our initial impression (click here).  For more information about the eucalyptus situation click here for updated Q&A's.



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Keeping Abreast of Claremont Canyon

by Marilyn Goldhaber


Marilyn Goldhaber with Ellie

There are many ways to keep abreast of the goings-on in Claremont Canyon—and also in its surrounding neighborhoods. If you are interested mainly in the wildlands of Claremont Canyon and the activities of the Claremont Canyon Conservancy, including our hikes, stewardship projects, trail upkeep, and wildfire safety, we have a monthly one-page newsletter that we send out by email to our members and anyone else who signs up for the service. We also have an 8-page print newsletter, which we send out twice a year the old fashioned way, by US post, with archived copies available here. Not currently receiving these? Please contact us by phone or email to sign up free of charge. If, on the other hand, you are interested in communicating with neighbors in the vicinity of Claremont Canyon, there are online forums for doing just that  . . . (READ MORE)